Errant Security

Sometimes I wish I could see into the brain of my close friend, John Hammond. Actually, Caleb too. Since they are just both way smarter than I am when it comes to this stuff.

John loves to teach; and he is very good at it. So a while ago, when he had this idea for a interactive shell to teach someone BASH, I thought it was a cool idea. I wasn’t sure how he was going to pull it off, but he did.

John, in his infinite Python scripting abilities, created a shell jail to ensure people didn’t “color outsides the lines” but also still felt like they were sitting at a regular prompt.

Now you can take anyone and drop them into this “Training Wheels” shell to learn Linux (read: BASH/the command-line) and they can get accustomed with the fundamentals.


In his course, he will walk you through basic interactions, man pages, absolute and relative paths, special places in the filesystem filters, pipes, and user control!

Everything you need to be dangerous. Surprisingly, a large part of the infosec community isn’t that skilled at a command prompt. That’s OK! Unpopular opinion, but there are so many facets to cyber that you can be an extremely skilled and valuable member of the community without ever touching Linux (don’t @ me).

Know someone who wants to try and learn command-line basics in Linux? Point them towards “Training Wheels” on Alliance, our fledgling CTF and training platform.

Like it a lot. Tweet at us [@errantsecurity] and maybe we will start building a PowerShell one.