Errant Security

Caleb Stewart

/assets/img/staff/caleb.png Penetration tester and exploit developer. Proud maintainer of StewieOS. If you got hacked, it maybe probably was or wasn’t him. Essentially the hacker form of Robin Hood: he git pulls from the rich and git pushes to the poor. Taxation is theft.

John Hammond

/assets/img/staff/john.png Red Team, Blue Team, Purple Team, – ultimately colorblind and will do whatever job gives him a paycheck. Online YouTube personality and hopeless programmer. He non-ironically speaks in l33tsp3@k and signs his signature with a forkbomb.

Julian Blanco

/assets/img/staff/julian.png DFIR, ICS, and-other-acronyms enthusiast. Breaks things both on accident and on purpose. Allergic to UDP packets but can perform photosynthesis under LED lights. Hardware hacker without a cure. Known to carry a butane soldering iron in his back pocket just in case.